QB Issue Resolution:

1) How do you care for your customers more than your competition and make sure they know it? 

“Great service is easy – all you have to do is care a little more.” Horst Schulze.
The secret to loyal customers is to build trust and you build that trust by showing your customers respect. Every customer has 3 expectations:


  • a defect-free product
  • delivered on time
  • by people who are nice

Obviously, the details will vary from business to business – a defect-free hotel stay looks different than a defect-free photoshoot or a defect-free tax return.  Timely delivery again varies from industry to industry – a returned phone call can take a few minutes, a house that’s being build can take a few months, but a customer expects any of these to be delivered with a little bit of personal attention.


2) What’s your number one marketing hack or tool?

My favorite marketing hack is anything that burns my brand into my client’s brain. That can be as simple as sending them a book we spoke about in a conversation as a gift (takes a couple seconds to order than on Amazon and costs a few bucks) and can be as complicated as flying an airplane halfway around the world to park it in an airport hangar, for a movie premiere. In short, anything I can do that my competition is not doing, so I get to stand out from the crowd. And remember all your marketing hacks can influence your SEO and as you know placement in search is key today.

I wrote a series on MarketingHacks on my blog (go to my profile for the link and search for MarketingHacks to find that series). 

3) What’s your favorite organizational tool that keeps you organized and efficient?

Evernote, SalesForce, Zapier and IFTTT. Cloud-based services and apps are amazingly powerful, but if you can let them work together, their power increases exponentially. Take for example Evernote, it’s basically my digital filing cabinet and all documents end up in there. I can forward an email into Evernote, take a photo of business card and have it stored Post-It productivity.JPG in Evernote, photos, handwritten notes (I use an Evernote Moleskin notebook for EVERYTHING), invoices all live in Evernote. It’s easy to find everything with the powerful search feature and yes, Evernote even reads my handwriting. And I haven’t even started on how a simple Post-It note automates my productivity. Now combine Evernote, with SalesForce – my CRM (Customer Relationship Management system). SalesForce will look for any Evernote note tagged with a job number, opportunity, account, etc. and automatically display it in the record I’m looking at. Having all this data pop up automatically, while I’m in my CRM feels like magic.



I’ve written extensively about small business efficiency on my blog (go to my profile for the link and search for MarketingHacks to find that series) or just type in the URL that’s on written on the Post-It note in the photo Smiley Happy


4) Do you have a go-to website to find suppliers and teams? 


This really depends on your industry. There are associations, guilds, organizations that I am a member of that allow me to search my local membership for crew members. It doesn’t do any good to list them here, but every industry has online groups you can go to for help. I also get 5-10 emails a week of people contacting me and inquiring if they can work with me. They find me on Google as my business is the first organic listing, and I have found some great coworkers that way. BTW, that’s also a great little test to see how well you’re doing on SEO – if you’re getting unsolicited requests for work, or people contacting you to sell you their service or product, you’re doing well Smiley Happy

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