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The new users I invited did not receive their email invitation.
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When you are inviting new users into your new QuickBooks Online (QBO) company and discover that they have not received their invitation emails, have them double check their junk mail and spam folder first.

If the email is still not found, follow these steps:

Choose Gear Icon > Company settings.
In the Company section under Contact info click the pencil and check the Email.
Clear the Company email address field and enter the desired address, even if it appears correct as is. Be sure not to use any extra characters or spaces before, within, or after the address you enter.
Once you’ve completed the change, click Save.
Choose Gear Icon > Manage Users.
Click to highlight the desired users name.
Under the Status column click Resend to have an invitation email sent to your users or use the New button to set up and invite new users.

Note: If you do not see a Resend button and the status is Active that means that the user accepted an invitation to join your company and already setup a login, or else the user was created without an email address. The Active indicator doesn’t tell you whether the user has ever logged in. The Activity Log, under the Company menu, if you have access to view it, can tell you when a user has logged in. If they have setup a login and password but have lost the original invitation email or deleted it, to login have them go to: https://qbo.intuit.com.

A Resend button will be present if you see the Invited status, this means that the user was created and sent an invitation by email to join the company, but has not yet accepted the invitation.

Or you might need to add QuickBooks Online (QBO) mail server hostnames and IP addresses to your mail servers.

Many e-mail programs utilize various blocking mechanisms on their mail servers. For example, e-mail addresses, mail servers, networks, dynamic IP addresses, and host names are used to source unwanted e-mail, primarily spam. In addition, many e-mail servers do not accept mail from server IP addresses without reverse DNS entries that match the domain name that the server alleges to be representing. This is an anti-spam measure to prevent spammers from pretending to deliver mail from well-known domains.

When you send an invoice to your customer, the e-mailed invoice looks as though it’s coming from your mail server when, in fact, it’s being sent from a QBO mail server. Your mail servers might have this type of “spoofing” blocked. To allow mail to pass through your mail servers, configure your server to accept QBO mail server hostnames and IP addresses.

You will need to allow the following:

The steps to add the hostnames and IP addresses depends on your e-mail setup.

Once they have successfully signed in, you might want them to change their sign in information to something only they know.

Answer ID 6354
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