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“We have an unusual product that we sell and I was told by our CPA that if we keep doing what we are then Quickbooks is likely to crash.”

Wow; that seems a bit scary. Let’s not worry about his statement, right now.

“There may be no solution within this program, but I though I would put it to the great minds I’ve found on this site. (I often read other questions to find my answers :)”

“Okay, we buy coils of a product and cut it to specific lengths that the customers request. Let’s pretend it’s fabric..”

I have worked around Metals and fab shops, and even a Smelter. We’re good šŸ™‚

“I buy 250′ (feet) of fabric and one customer may want 10′ and another one wants 7.5′. We’ve tried previously inventorying it by the foot and sell the customers qty 10′ or 7.5′ ”

Yes, working with the smallest Unit you will handle works best in QB. You can go to Ā decimal places, but that can be crazy, too.

“but it became too confusing for the customer (thinking they just bought 30 pieces when they in fact only bought 3, 10′ pieces),for my employing cutting it, and for the person creating the invoice. This didn’t work, caused too many mistakes.”

You also can use GROUP items, to get that other Multiplier.

Item = Piece. You will sell this item, AND can list it in a Group Item, for “Multiple Piece Lot Sale.” for instance.

Then, on my invoice, you sell me the Group Item. The internal item = qty 10. The Group gets qty 3. Your Inventory is relieved = 3 X 10. Set this Group Item not to print the Items in the Group, and all they see is Qty 3.

“Currently, we sell them as assemblies.”

This is the difference between GROUP and ASSEMBLY:

Group = Kit

Assembly = New product from the components.

If you sold me a Frame, welded from those three 10′ Pieces; and sometimes you sell me a Frame from three 12″ pieces, that is Assemblies.

“A single “Inventory Assembly” item will be for one specific length of a specificĀ fabric and in its bill of materials it will takeĀ that lengthĀ out of the specific fabric’sĀ coil once I biuld it. So, I have hundreds of inventory assembly items taking different lengths out of a handful of the larger coils.”

That makes no sense. You are not producing something; you are Using Up materials on hand.

“The problem is that I can’t “build” the item before selling it. That would take way too long (for the waitingĀ customer).”

Well, you catch up the bookkeeping whenever, and as long as you have something on hand by Date, before the date of sale, that is fine. But this is not a finished Product.

“That means that everytime I sell one of these items it creates a negative inventory quantity.”

You need to stay on top of the Builds, if you use this method. At the least, Catch everything up to 0 on hand and Stop Doing It this way.

“Once a quarter I print out a report of all the pieces of fabric sold in that quarter, then I go in and build each item. It takes a while, but in the end, it generally balances back out to zero.”

As long as everything gets backdated šŸ™‚

“The problem is, I was told that Quickbooks never forgets these negative quantities and that eventually they will catch up and crash the company file. Is this true and is there a better way to be inventorying these types of items.”

Fix your Dates on the Builds. Build enough at the end of a month to match what Sold, the next month, for instance. Just keep this in Sequence. Never have a date with Negative.

“If you need any further clarification or pictures please ask! and Thank you for taking the time to read this.”

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