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“Why is it pending to be deposited, isn’t record deposit the last step?”

Let’s try this example:

You need to go to the bank with funds to deposit, but you stop at the store and the bank Lobby, first. Then, the bank teller.

So, your money did go to the bank today, but Home was not the Prior step along the way to Deposit.

In this example:

Store = where you made the sale.

Bank Lobby = where you put all the checks and payment entries and got everything organized, waiting to be deposited = in transit = Undeposited Funds = could be sitting in a pile on your desk, waiting for you to put them in one large envelope and actually prepare the Deposit entry. Also, the point of having this as separate steps is when Dates are different. If I get mail on Thursday and Friday, and go to the bank on Monday, I need your payment to be dated for Thursday, someone else’s is dated Friday, and that deposit is Dated for Monday.

And in the example, Teller = the actual deposit.

Resolution for Issue 'Undeposited funds on check register' available: Yes (Solved).
Source: Intuit Community forum.

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