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Let’s understand the status of Draft Paychecks:


and selected resume payroll


You went Back into what you were doing; not starting Fresh. You see Yellow = draft is Saved.


it took me to the paycheck detail page…there I entered the actual hours and printed paychecks for the correct time.”


Not Printed, unless you Printed them. Saved as Draft = in process. You would then Update and refine, or do the rest. Or, right click and choose Revert. This is Work In Progress. Not Completed and printed.


“When I went to run our regular payroll reports, I found that when I went to run the report we do on billable hours…that all that showed up for last week was the vacation hours I had entered in (and then adjusted today when I ran checks).”


First, you can edit and refine paychecks, even after the final step of Payroll, as long as you never printed or sent them. They are Yours to keep fixing, and you don’t have to go into Payroll to work on paychecks; once they exist, they are part of banking and assigned to the employee name and seen in payroll center, too.


Billable entries should never show from Paychecks. The status for Billable Time is from Timesheet entries. If you have Paycheck Details as billable, you have this error in your setup:


Paycheck Details as Billable:

Here is why it happens:

  • If you create a Paycheck with Customer:Job names but without service items, it will be included in the Unbilled Costs by Job report.
  • If you create a Paycheck with Customer:Job names and with service items, then the Paycheck is not included in the Unbilled Costs by Job report. If you then edit the Paycheck and remove the Service Items, it still is not included in the Unbilled Costs by Job report.

The best thing to do is start from Timesheet entries, for good Job Tracking, and include the Service Item column and set your employees to be Paid from Time Data, so that you also see the Payroll Item here. Set your Payroll Preferences to Job Track per Earnings Item, for purposes of allocation, as well.


“I have no idea how to get those vacation hours to go away (they don’t show as having actually been paid to employees when I run a vacation report)”


Run your Payroll Summary report for this pay date. here is what is on all paychecks for this date. Double-click to drill into anything that you need to fix. In Paycheck details, you might need to Unlock Net Pay, then Delete any line that doesn’t apply (ctl + Delete key). Vacation items would be top left, as usual.


“and I don’t know how to get a report to run which shows which jobs their time actually WAS billed to last week.”


Job Tracking on paychecks creates Costing, not sales. You run Sales reports to see Sales.


Please see my attachment.

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