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If an employee is assigned to a class, and you are not using the setting of Tracking per Earnings Item, then the entries paycheck, in Paycheck Details view, will NOT show the reiteration of the pay, which is your clue that the Class is the default class of the employee record and applied to everything.

You can see this if you open the check to the screen and use Ctl+Y, to see the data behind the scenes. This is how you view the underlying data flow for any QB transaction.

If you are using Class tracking and/or Job Tracking per earnings item, by definition this overrides the Default Class for the employee.

” if an Employee assigned to Class A performs work on a Job assigned to Class B, how would this be reported on the Profit & Loss by Class report?”

But a Job is not assigned to class. The Tasks are assigned.

Items, in this case Payroll Items, control the flow of the data to the accounts. A Payroll Item is linked to an account. The payroll item is used, and that triggers data flowing to that account. When that use of the Payroll item is job tracked, class tracked, or both, that piece of info that is flowing to that account now has one or both crossreferences. If that payroll item is used for a Paycheck name, and the entries of the use of that item are not class tracked, not job tracked, both or either, then the Class of the employee still is used, if you are using Class Tracking on the employee name at all.

So, desktop payroll for a QB file can be set for no tracking; job tracking only (per earnings item); class tracking only (per earnings item or generically by employee default); class tracking per employee and job tracking per task; job tracking and class tracking per task (the most discrete level of crossreferences). I think that is all the permutations possible.

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