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Visual guide to export
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If you’re looking to export your data from QuickBooks Online, here’s a quick visual guide for you to use.

If you’re having trouble installing the ActiveX control or getting error messages, or for more information on export, see KB 6560.

Note: Exporting is only supported from Windows machines running a 32-bit version of Internet Explorer 10 or higher.

Step 1: Click the Gear icon and select Export Data from the menu:

Click the Gear icon and select Export Data

Step 2: Look over the step by step Export Overview. Click Get Started.

step by step Export Overview. Click Get Started.

Step 3: Click to install the ActiveX control. If the Install button is grayed-out, click Continue and skip to Step 6:

Click to install Active X. If already installed, click Continue

Step 4: Confirm ActiveX installation:

Confirm ActiveX installation

Step 5: Click Continue:

Click continue

Step 6: Now that ActiveX is installed, let’s start the Export. Click Continue:

Start the export. Click Continue

Step 7: Select data to export. Click Continue:

Select data to export

Step 8: Review limitations of what information will be exported. Important: This step tells you how your data will be changed after the export! Click Continue:

Review limitation. Click Continue

Step 9: Enter your contact information. This is where you will be notified once the file is ready!

Enter your name and email address

Step 10: Now its just a matter of waiting for the email for when the data is ready!


You’ll be getting an email with steps to complete the export conversion within 24 hours. After you receive it, follow those steps to open the file in your QuickBooks desktop edition:

Step 1: Go to your company Home page in QuickBooks Online. Look for a new Needs Attention item in the Activity Feed. Click Take Action:

Click on the new Take Action item in your Activity Feed on the Home Page

If you don’t see the link to Take Action as shown above, simply click the Gear Icon again, and choose Export Data. Follow the prompts until you reach this screen, then click Continue to Download:


Step 2: Follow the steps, including opeing Quickbooks Desktop to the No Company Open page. Click Download:


Step 4: A pop-up window will appear and ask you where you’d like to save the file (we suggest Desktop). Don’t change the name of the file (you can name the file in the next step), just point it to the Desktop and click Save:

Name the file and click Save

Step 5: After the file downloads (it should be quick), click Convert Now:

Click Convert

Step 6: Save the file in the same directory where you installed QuickBooks desktop. If you’re having trouble finding it, here’s a chart that will help.

Save the file in the directory where you installed QuickBooks desktop.

Step 7: The conversion process will now begin and you’ll see a status bar. If the status bar isn’t moving, you probably need to allow access to your QuickBooks desktop edition. If so, minimize all your windows or click on the QuickBooks desktop edition application on your taskbar:

If popup window is frozen, minimize windows and allow access

Step 8: When you’ve located the certificate, click Yes, prompt each time or Yes, this time then click Continue:

Click yes, prompt each time and continue

Step 9: You’ll get a pop-up window confirming that you’ve granted access. Click Done:

Click Done.

Step 10: There’s one final step to read through which gives you advice about how to proceed with the conversion, running some reports to confirm that your data successfully converted. Click Which Reports to view the information and then click Finished:

You completed the process! Click Finished.

We suggest you create 2 reports in both QuickBooks Online and in QuickBooks for Windows to ensure that your data was transferred correctly.

• Profit and Loss
• Balance Sheet

In order to compare data accurately, 2 things are vital to verify on your reports:

1. Ensure that you are customizing your date range to include All Dates in both products.
2. Your accounting method must be set to Accrual.

If you have trouble with the export process, including any errors, see KB 1077, Can I export back to QuickBooks Pro/Premier?

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