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“of putting almost everything in Income and Expense accounts with minimul use of classes is incorrect.”

Well, let’s find a happy median point.

Class is for programs and purposes, like departments and divisions.

You still use income and expense, but no longer need to micro-manage them over and over for programs and purposes. Class gives this as Columns, and rows are reduced. For instance, just one Office Supplies expense account.

“I am devising an updated COA, with the intent of putting the grants into Net Assets accounts”

Grants are Customer Names, and the grant funds are Income to you. Net Assets (equity) ALSO might be rebalanced, or not.

The best reference for this is Running QB for Not For Profits, by Kathy Ivens.

“prepared better Customer type, Job type definitions,”

Exactly 🙂

Grantor as Customer = State, and Job = grant for Early Start Ed. Your Programs and purposes might be Day Care and Food Bank = Classes. Now, buying Supplies can be Grant allocated and Class tracked, like this purchase from Staples:

Supplies $100 Early Start Ed for Day Care Class (marked Billable if that is a Reimbursement Grant)

Supplies $15 Not job tracked (your own funds) and for Day Care Class

= $115 to Staples

“attempting to correctly capture Programs and wanting to redo all transactions since the start of the FY which is 6/1.  I am curous about the best method to take, since during the work up period data entry and month end reporting has to continue until I am complete.”

First, Class the details. Then, merging accounts will maintain the reporting while you are In transition.

“I think it is wise to create a parallel business with these structures?  Is there another way?”

Don’t do this; don’t magnify the various entries and details. Start using Class now AND catching up class on historic entries. Run those reports and while you are in transition, you will start to see this is becoming redundant, that one expense account for each class is also now the only info in that Class Column = you can Merge the similar expense accounts, since you just confirmed Class gives the same clarity.

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