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The Data Transfer Utility is a 3rd party software program that is designed to transfer QuickBooks data (transactions) from one company file to another.

The Data Transfer Utility allows QuickBooks users to quickly and easily transfer (merge) list and transaction data from one QuickBooks file to another QuickBooks file. Using simple parameters, the Transfer Utility automatically makes the transfer while allowing you to control the process. QuickBooks files are opened and closed by the Transfer Utility and the regular QuickBooks program does not have to be running. Small transfers can be made in less than a minute.

The utility will merge data from one QuickBooks file into another QuickBooks file without erasing or overwriting existing data. It’s useful for merging QuickBooks file, starting a new QuickBooks file, transferring work done at home, at client offices, at service locations or at remote offices to a main office QuickBooks file. Data can be transferred by network connection, email or removable disk.

The utility can reduce the effort needed to create a new and smaller QuickBooks file or to create a file containing only one year of data for an IRS audit.

The utility can be used to improve security and privacy. You can have temporary employees enter data in a copy of your QuickBooks file that doesn’t contain any payroll or other sensitive information and transfer their input to your file at your convenience.

You can transfer data between two files located on your desktop computer or between a laptop computer and a desktop computer connected to a network. You can also transfer the information by email orĀ  by floppy disk.

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