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Sometimes, accepting transactions and deciding where to put them can be so confusing, can’t it? I’m going to share with you one of my favorite phrases that I use regularly over here: there’s more than one way to skin a cat in QuickBooks. The thing is that QuickBooks Online will allow you to use any type of Income account for those funds, because QuickBooks Online doesn’t know any better. Therefore, you could use any type of Income account for those funds, and we definitely aren’t going to send the QuickBooks police after you or anything like that! Any income account for these funds would be correct in the program’s eyes.

I know that might not be the answer you’re looking for. Unfortunately, for this kind of question, your best bet is going to be to consult with an actual accountant. I’m good with QuickBooks Online, but when it comes down to actually choosing the account type, you’ll want to talk to an accountant as I know sometimes account types have tax implications.

In short, you can use any type of Income account and it will work, but for the most accurate answer, you’re going to want to consult with an accountant.

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