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I see a lot of things like this in the classroom; students manage to make errors I had never seen in the work place. I will try to help:

“Then later, when we do billing, these timesheet entries are pulled into the invoice to be generated, and (when things go as they are supposed to!), the flag is changed to “billed”. ”

The status of the timesheet would first need to be Saved. I had students leave the timesheet open and then try to invoice the time. Until you hit Save, the data is not updated into the database. Next, the Invoice needs to be Saved. If you Change the data on the invoice while you just used Add Time & Costs, you are essentially Negating the “select billable time and costs” which is only in Pending status. You can see this yourself: Use Add Time And Costs to select only Some entries. On the invoice, use Add Time & Costs again, to see those are now showing Asterisk = status of Billed is not Set, yet. Reconciliation of bank and credit card and loan accounts works this same way. Asterisk = In Processing.

So, make sure to hit Save at the top of the invoice, before deciding to “delete, change, move” info on the invoice already from the Add Time & Costs function. Otherwise, their status is changed. Example: You realize you want to “rearrange” them. They are now marked Billable as long as you Save. Now you can delete a line and manually add that same info in a different spot, and the Source or originating entry is not affected. But, if you did not Save in between, you can delete a line and add it manually elsewhere in the listing, but the original one that was Selected will revert to Billable again.

“The most logical is that someone went into the record and manually changed the flag”

Another way this happens is to use Timesheets for Vendor names, or Other names, marking the timesheet entry as Billable. Then, paying from the timesheet directly, and marking the Purchase entries also as Billable. Now you have Two Entries for the same time, as Billable. In this example, mark the timesheet as Not Billable, since this is Tasks not costs. Mark the Purchase transaction to pay the sub as Billable, because this will carry Cost for your job reporting.

“I do know that there are conditions when you pull in a timesheet record and then subsequently cancel the invoice”

If you Escape, or “Revert” or Change the info after selecting billable but before Save, it will affect the Billable status at the source data. That is true for all 4 tabs: Time, Expense, Mileage and Items.

“the flag is not re-set back to billable,”

Yes, once that info is Saved, the status of the originating detail is changed, and you are warned “billable time and costs are here” and that won’t automatically revert.

Which leads you to understand it is somewhere in the end user’s processing or routine. There are many times I have to sit at their shoulder to Watch what they are doing, because they don’t know how to Describe it properly, but you can See it for yourself, to see the step going wrong.

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