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Note: If you get this error with Key Bank, you’ll need to log in to the account from the bank’s site and make sure the option to allow third party access is selected (Self Service Tab > Security Center).

A 102 error usually means your bank’s website is experiencing technical difficulties, undergoing maintenance or there is a server issue with the data transfer between the bank’s website or the reporting agency and QuickBooks Online. Here are some suggestions:

Check that you can log in to your bank’s site through the URL they’ve provided our online banking service.

Follow these steps to verify that you can connect to your bank through the link in QuickBooks Online:

Choose Transactions > Banking
Click Add account.
Enter the name of your financial institution and click the magnifying glass icon to search.
Under All matching results, click your bank.
At the top of the window, click the link for the bank’s website.
A new window will open for your bank’s website. Make sure youy are able to access your accounts through this link by confirming you can see the account summary, account history, and account details without any errors.

If you’re able to log in successfully, look for a message indicating that something isn’t working as it should. Also, make sure that you can see your account summary, account history, and account transactions without a problem.
If you don’t see any indications of a problem or maintenance on your bank or credit card’s website, you can try to manually update your account within QuickBooks Online. See KB 6290 and follow the instructions under Manual Updates to do this. Try running three manual updates during non-peak hours.
Wait at least a day before trying again in order to allow the bank time to fix any problems with their servers.
You can also get this error if your account at the bank or credit card is new. Some new accounts don’t work with online banking right away. To see if this is the issue you’ll need to contact the bank or credit card company you have this account with.
If you have tried all of the above suggestions and the issue persists for more than 48 hours, please contact Customer Care. To get the contact number for QuickBooks Online Customer Care, go to https://help.quickbooks.intuit.com/en_US/contact click Other under Contact Us and click Phone.

In order for us to support connection to your bank account, you must be able to access your account through this link. Sometimes a financial institution will have multiple logins to different types of accounts, but they choose to only release one website for connection to QuickBooks Online.

In the meantime you can use Web-connect to import a bank data file directly into QuickBooks Online. For more information, see KB 6019, Using web-connect to import banking transactions.

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